Thomas Neyhart of Posigen: Changing the World One Roof at A Time

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen, a solar energy company changing the world for over ten years. PosiGen specializes in residential and commercial solar installation services and heating water with solar panels. Thomas Neyhart’s business model revolves around allowing homeowners to save money on their electricity bills by installing high-quality renewable energy systems that are easy to maintain. 


With his vast knowledge of how people use power, he also offers solutions for large buildings like schools or hospitals where efficiency can make a big difference. The business also offers a unique benefit to homeowners in the way of financing investment. Thomas Neyhart explains how PosiGen is an excellent example of how solar energy can be used for commercial and residential use and is available to those who might want help making payments or have limited access to funds. 


Thomas Neyhart has said that the ultimate goal is to create a world where everybody has access to solar energy and can actively participate in the movement towards a more sustainable society. PosiGen company culture of open communication, responsible environmental stewardship, and building community around people who care about a healthy planet make them a good place for employees and loyal customers. 


PosiGen solar power company is a renewable energy company that makes it easy for people worldwide to participate in making our planet healthier. The business has expanded internationally with offices in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada through Nexolon America Corp. It was founded by Thomas Neyhart, who looked at his consumption habits while living alone on a farm and decided to install solar panels on his home. The idea grew from there as Neyhart realized the opportunity was bigger than just helping people save money and giving them a way to make a difference in their communities for future generations.