The Tenant´s Man Jason Hughes of San Diego

Jason Hughes is a man who likes to do what he does each and every day. He had to learn from a young age that working hard and perseverance were the way to go. He knew that he had to get a solid and grounded education. Jason Hughes did just that when he graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He went on to receive a Master’s degree from San Diego with a degree in Finance. This would serve him well when he started his own company. This is the career that he was meant to have.


When he started his business called Hughes Marino he had no idea how much he would enjoy the process of creating a new leasing program for tenants. In a recently published article, he says that rentals are at an all-time high while the number of tenants is at an all-time low. Now, Jason Hughes points out, a new project has come into the fray that he took a look at. He wants to see downtown San Diego thrive again and maybe this new project can give the area the boost that it desperately needs. 

It is one thing to consider such an idea but it is another to take part in the revitalization of a big area. Jason Hughes wants to move the area forward. The successful businessman Jason Hughes wants to see the area of San Diego be as it was before. He wants it to be an area where families can come and live in a nice place without all of the worries that come with paying the rent and paying other bills. Maybe this new project by Life Science will be able to do the job and bring tenants back in droves to the region. There is one thing to do and that is to try.