The North Face’s Chief Marketing Officer Steve Lesnard on the Importance of Soundscapes

In an interview with Tech Times, the North Face’s Chief Marketing Officer Steve Lesnard discusses the importance of soundscapes. He believes that it is crucial to be mindful of our environment and how we are impacting it. With the release of their Soundscape Series and a new spatial design lab, The North Face is working hard to create products that protect nature and people from noise pollution.

The North Face has released a line of products that help protect both nature and people from noise pollution. The Series includes an 8D Trekking Pole, a Jacket, socks, and shoes. The 8D technology on these products is the first of its kind, with eight patents protecting it. Without getting too technical on how it works, each product has three layers that help reduce noise pollution. The first layer absorbs background sound, the second reduces sounds by up to four decibels, and the third reduces wind noise.

With almost 50 years of outdoor experience, The North Face has always prioritized the environment, and this Series is no exception.
“We’ve been selling products that help people explore the outdoors for almost five decades,” says Chief Marketing Officer Steve Lesnard. “We want to make sure that people can explore for generations to come, which is why we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by using renewable and sustainable materials.”

As The North Face grows, they also expand their responsibility beyond the outdoor industry. Noise pollution has become a severe concern in cities like New York and San Francisco.