Simon Denyer Achievements

Simon Denyer is the C.E.O. and Founder of Perform Group; he joined the board in 2007. Simon is responsible for managing the strategic development of popular digital sports content. He is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with 25 years of experience. Simon worked as a foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and Reuters.

Simon began his career as a journalist in 2006 after graduating from Cambridge University. He has since written for publications such as The Post and Al Jazeera English, serving as their Beijing correspondent.

In addition, Simon has been a journalist covering the Middle East for many years and has appeared in Foreign Policy and Al Jazeera English.

Simon Denyer has taught several courses, including media and politics, at the two major universities in Japan. He has also appeared on several television and radio channels, including the B.B.C., CNN, and major cable channels in India. In addition, Simon served as President of the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia from 2011–2013.

In 2016, Simon Denyer won the Overseas Press Club of America Award for his series of stories on China’s vast digital censorship and surveillance network and the National Headliner Award for covering Chinese rule’s human and environmental costs in Tibet. He also received the 2016 National Headliner Award for Japan’s whale and dolphin-hunting industry coverage.

Surprisingly, Simon Denyer won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020 as part of the Washington Post team covering the global impact of climate change with his article on the vast changes affecting salmon catches from the Pacific Ocean and northern Japan. Center.

He also worked for Foreign Correspondents Club (F.C.C.) in Hong Kong. That was in 2006, and the Post appointed him the new China Correspondent. Simon left college for just three years and was too young to be hired as a foreign correspondent.

Thus, in 2008 and 2012, he received the Edward Scott Beck Award from the Foreign Correspondents Club of China, A.P. Received the Southeast Asia Correspondent of the Year Award.

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