Rachael Nichols’ Prowess in the Sports Journalism Industry

Rachel Nichols can be viewed as a unicorn by many. The acclaimed journalist gave it a shot in the male-dominated sports journalism industry and has gone ahead to thrive, but that’s not the key reason why she has awed people. Her personality is what has differentiated her.

Rachel Nichols is witty, charismatic, and very courageous. She has interviewed some big names in the world of sports while working for the Washington Post, CNN and ESPN. When quizzed about what it’s like being a woman in the industry largely characteristic of men, Rachel often views it as more or less being a woman in any other profession.

Currently, Rachel Nichols hosts The Jump, a daily basketball show on ESPN. Rachael has a keen focus on taking the NBA dialogue to the next level with her huge talent. A sports fan from an early age, Rachel has always known that this would be her career. While she knew she probably would not be a pro-athlete or an executive, Rachel Nichols was determined to get a foothold in the fun and fascinating world of sports.

Eventually, covering events and telling stories evoked huge interest in her, and she found her space. Initially, Nichols was primarily in print in Washington before moving to television, and both worlds have had their fair share of thrills and uniqueness.

Rachel Nichols describes covering LeBron James’ career as the most prominent hallmark of her career from an early age. Having a front-row seat in the athlete’s life has been nothing short of incredible. While working at CNN, Rachel was based in New York and served as the sole sports anchor and contributed immensely to exclusive commentary, analysis, and reporting. Prior to joining CNN, the journalist worked for ESPN for almost a decade, where her prowess was also clearly evident. Read this article to learn more.


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