PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart on Solar Power Energy

To make a difference in society and the world, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart is working on implementing solar power for all individuals at affordable rates. Different strategies have been established to ensure that all individuals are in a position to access solar energy. PosiGen is assisting individuals in saving money and upgrading the homes where they live. The company works on ensuring their clients save a dollar and thus the affordability of the PosiGen solar. 


Community engagement is also part of the program where PosiGen creates job opportunities for the communities they work to provide with solar energy. PosiGen solar has also contributed greatly to environmental maintenance through efficiency in the clients’ homes. As PosiGen CEO states, this program results in the clients living safe, healthy lives. PosiGen has made it easy for the customers to acquire solar through different ways, including offering solar on lease. 


PosiGen CEO adds that there are a wide variety of lease and purchasing options to attain solar power. The customers are offered the solar under a payment plan that is favorable to them and that makes them enjoy the benefits of green energy and solar panels as they continue to make payments. PosiGen solar also offers installation and maintenance services to the clients during the lease period. The monthly costs set for the solar are very low, and the fixed monthly payments. 


PosiGen solar in a home results in low energy bills and enhances home value. PosiGen also carries out an energy audit in the clients’ homes to ensure that the status is as required and there are no installation fee and no maintenance problems. PosiGen CEO finally adds that the solar power firm has also set up solar panels to collect the necessary energy, and the excess has been diverted in a different direction.