Jason Hughes Achievements in Leading Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes is an American entrepreneur popularly known for his senior executive role on one of the leading San Diego-based commercial property companies, Hughes Marino, LLC. The tenant representation company has made a significant impact in San Diego, California, by becoming the largest premier company offering buyer and tenant representation services. Under Jason Hughes’s leadership, Hughes Marino has tremendously expanded to cover multiple locations in the West Coast region. 


Over 20 years in California, Mr. Hughes has exceptionally handled and negotiated California’s legislation rules on tenant representation and leading lease transactions in the country. Jason Hughes also has extensive knowledge and experience in handling various corporate purchases, making contracts expansion negotiations, and project finance negotiations. 


Due to his early success in commercial property sales management, Mr. Hughes has appeared on interviews aired out on multiple TV programs. Jason Hughes is also a degree holder with a bachelor’s degree. In addition, he holds a master’s degree from the University of San Diego and Pepperdine University. Apart from being a commercial property expert, Jason Hughes has also actively participated in multiple executive programs at UCLA, Harvard University, and UCSD. 

Due to his excellent leadership skills, Jason Hughes has won and acquired several awards and honors for leading Hughes Marino to a high level of success. Some of these awards and honors include; appearing on San Diego Business Journal as the most admired CEO, being on the Top 100 Business Professionals at San Diego Daily Transcript, appearing on the San Diego Magazine on the 50 People to Watch, and several others.