How Edgard Corona Built His Success

Edgard Corona is easily one of the most successful people in Brazil. His fitness companies, Bio Ritmo and SmartFit, are known throughout Brazil and even further. When asked about how he became so successful, Edgard Corona has a few things to say.

For one, he emphasizes the importance of hard work. He talks about how his parents instilled this in him while he was growing up and working for them at their sugar factory later. Another aspect that he believes is important is the ability to adapt to new situations.

This is why Edgard Corona didn’t know anything about fitness before he opened his first gym at Bio Ritmo. He simply picked up on how people wanted more local gyms near their homes and worked to make this the case. It’s how he opened one gym and then another and another, eventually spreading his gyms outside of Brazil and to a much wider audience.

Over the years, he eventually decided to open a new kind of gym, and he did this with the SmartFit businesses that he founded. This gym was instead based on the idea of self-improvement through both fitness and learning. Just as Edgard constantly learns at his businesses, it’s important for Mr. Corona that his customers learn as well. There are televisions with fitness instructional videos at all of his SmartFit gyms, and this makes it so they can learn themselves as they go about the best way to get into shape and then stay that way.

Mr. Corona even helps his students, as he calls them at times, continue to learn and exercise even when local ordinances shut down his gyms during the pandemic. He has more content made and streams these videos to subscribers. That way they can continue to exercise even when they are locked down. Go Here for related Information.