Factors To Consider While Purchasing Tieks

The major hindrance to someone purchasing a pair of Tieks it’s their high price. People wonder why an uncomplicated ballet flat price is so high. The pair cost $175. Most people are worried when they are about to hit the checkout button.

In 2016 I purchased my first pair of them, of which I was curious. My decision to buy a pair of Tieks was a risk, though it was worth the cost. Besides their high price, they are the most beautiful shoe in my wardrobe. In fact, I purchased five more pairs.

First, you should choose the design, style, and color of your choice, then consider selecting the fitting size. With this consideration, you won’t need to keep on changing.

Below are their styles and designs:

  • Classics- they are solid in color and made of quality leather.
  • Prints- they are manufactured with quality leather, but they have fancy decoration, which looks like leopard prints.
  • Patents- they are also solid in color manufactured with patent leather.
  • Vegan- this type is made wholly by animal hidings.

About their fitting and sizing:

  • Matte Black– manufactured with quality colorless leather, their sizing is perfect
  • Colored Leather- they colored. While new they don’t extend, they give knead on someone fit
  • Patent Leather- compared to Colored Leather, they less or no extent. While purchasing, consider the right sizing.
  • Print- some are manufactured like Leather Material, others like Colored Classic, and as a patent. Those of this kind their expansion is little, those made of materials expands more.
  • Vegan- these are manufactured from woven fabric materials which are more suitable than leather fittings; they expand adversely to.

Tieks make and style is designed in a way that your feet should breathe. If your feet are sweaty:

  • Purchase a pair of bobby socks to help in absorption of sweat.
  • If your Tieks smell, sprinkle deodorant or place a dryer sheet when you’re not on them

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