Eugene Plotkin on Fintech

We cannot get a better insight into the fintech phenomenon than a fintech company executive. Eugene Plotkin, a former investment banker, a financial tech consultant, and the CEO of, TechWallet, explains the fintech phenomenon. A common phenomenon in the modern finance industry is the technology that helps make monetary transactions or data quickly and more secure. Eugene comments that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped us realize the advantage of fintech. With the onset of lockdowns, this technology made it possible to shop online and use contact-less payments. Fintech involves the advanced technology involved with financial services. These technologies include machine learning, cloud computing, and blockchain.

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Some of the advantages of this technology include quick and faster movement of money and the creation of new opportunities. It is now possible to complete monetary operations that used to take days or weeks before in a matter of minutes or seconds. Thanks to high-speed connections and fintech, obstacles preventing quick transactions have been eliminated. People can now transfer money to each other instantly. On the other hand, fintech has accelerated new opportunities by enabling small businesses and individuals to open up operations and run efficiently. It has also expanded the stock market. Contrary to the traditional stock market, which was driven by few individuals with special access and knowledge, now anybody can trade directly from their devices.

Fintech is expected to hit a boom post the pandemic. We can predict this trend by looking at the moves made by big players in the venture capital game, such as Ribbit Capital. Ribbit has secured its seventh fund with $1.15 billion. Eugene Plotkin comments that this is a good indication since Ribbit focuses on fintech, only making it possible for them to discover trends early. They have a history of betting big on something that will pick up and become big.

Eugene on the Advantages of Being a Dog Owner

TechWallet CEO admits that being a dog owner has helped him change for the better and become more successful in business. You might ask yourself how this is possible, but Eugene gives the following reasons why being a dog dad has helped him in business. First, being a dog owner has helped him develop the virtue of structure, made possible by a routine that has helped him become more productive. He regularly gets his head out of the grind and gains a greater perspective on the fintech world through regular exercises with his dog. In addition, it has helped him with his social life through interaction and networking with other dog owners. Finally, owning a dog is a financial commitment, and it has helped him use financial tools to understand how to save and figure out his finances.

A Jazz Lover

Jazz clubs have been places where legendary business moves and deals are made for a long time. Building relationships and meeting with investors is part of life as a CEO. In addition to being a jazz lover, Eugene Plotkin loves taking his investors to jazz clubs. His favorite jazz clubs in New York City are The Legendary Minton’s Playhouse in Harlem, the Django at Roxy hotel, Kitano Hotel in midtown, Smoke Jazz & Supper Club on the upper west side of town, and Cellar Dog, formerly known as Fat Cat to know more click here.