Eric Lefkofsky Drive Innovation at Tempus Precision Medical Firm

The process of genomic sequencing is changing the way doctors treat cancer. With the ability to quickly sequence an individual patient’s entire genome, and at low cost, a pathologist can far more easily pinpoint cellular mutations that can produce cancer. The data derived from genomic sequencing allows doctors to create treatments that are custom designed to address the unique progress of a disease in each patient (Rocketreach). 


This kind of process is often called “precision medicine” because of its highly personalized nature. Tempus labs based in Chicago has emerged as a leader in genomic sequencing and has also gained renown for the way it applies AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to the data gleaned from the sequencing process. Established by the successful billionaire in 2015, Tempus has grown rapidly, attracted robust investment dollars and today has an estimated value of $5 billion. Eric Lefkofsky has been credited by industry observers for developing rapid, large-scale and inexpensive DNA sequencing in a way that is helping this cutting-edge form of medicine become accessible to more doctors and more patients. 


Tempus boasts the world’s largest database of genomic sequencing data. What is critical to understand is the importance of the accessibility of this data. Making it easily available to thousands of oncologists means they have a new and powerful weapon against cancer: mankind’s longtime enemy. Eric Lefkofsky continues to drive the range of Tempus capabilities further. The precision medical firm has expanded to working with other diseases, such as diabetes and depression. The company also developed leading-edge testing kits for agents like COVID and other viruses.

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