Edgard Corona and His Companies

Edgard Corona is the CEO of a company called Smartfit. He is head of one of the largest business chains in Latin America. This includes Bio Ritmo as well as the Smartfit group. Altogether they own 480 gyms with earnings of around R$1 billion as of a few years ago. He started his Bio Ritmo group decades ago in the Sao Paolo region. At first, he started with just one gym. He said that he didn’t know anything about running a gym at the time. It was his first time doing anything with fitness at all, actually.

He was a chemist who had previously been working on his family’s sugar mill business. The chemical laboratory is where he worked for a while after graduating college. These days, Edgard Corona running his Smartfit business as school gyms where people learn to be fit. There are 1.6 million students in these gyms throughout the countries of Latin America and beyond, including Peru, Colombia, Peru Mexico, Chile, and many others. Countries like Estonia have fewer people than how many gyms exist in the network, for example.

When Edgard Corona first started, he said that not many people cared about gyms. Not many people owned gyms. In fact, according to Edgard, few people even went to gyms at all in the regions of Latin America where he was operating. That’s one of the reasons why he had the idea to try a fitness approach. Specifically, Edgard Corona saw that there might be a need for simple appealing gyms that could educate people about fitness. Once he found a way to fulfill that need in a way that was simple to set up and organize, then his business took off and spread to every corner of Latin America and even further to other parts of the world.

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