Dissecting Jessica Dean’s Career as an Attorney

Jessica Dean is a hard working attorney enjoying success and continued vigor.
Jessica Dean is a hard working attorney enjoying success and continued vigor.



Jessica Dean hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Her work ethic is strong, and she acknowledges she got that trait from her father. In turn, her mother taught her the importance of core moral principles.

After completing her high school studies, she worked as a waitress while undertaking her college studies. She then enrolled for an undergraduate degree in political science and economics. Afterward, Jessica Dean enrolled for a Law degree at the University of Texas.

She went ahead to settle in Dallas after being admitted to the bar. Since then, her main focus has been ensuring that each individual’s rights are protected regardless of their social status. She has assisted people who haven’t received proper wages from their employers or have been victims of negligence from medical insurance firms.

Jessica Dean has worked in various law firms in Dallas. She partnered with other attorneys, namely; Trey Branham, Lisa Shirley, and Amin Omar. Together, they formed a law firm that would fight for the rights of consumers and workers throughout the U.S. The law firm has managed to tackle even the most powerful law firms in the nation to pursue justice.

Currently, Jessica Dean is a member of different associations dealing with matters pertaining to law. Over the years, she has also received different designations in relation to her litigation career. She has also received accolades as being among the top lawyers in Dallas.

As an attorney, Jessica focuses on using the justice system to enforce different rules that can be put in place to protect people from being harmed. Together with her team of able partners, Jessica is ready to tackle any case brought to her attention. But first, there is the need to evaluate whether the case is viable or not. Clients also need to provide sufficient evidence presented in court since each claim needs to be substantial.