Alex Pissios Unloads Studios for $1 billion

Alex Pissios is an entertainment executive based in Chicago, United States. He is the owner of Cinespace Film Studios in Chicago, Illinois, the largest independent sound stage platform company in North America. He co-founded the company in 2010 with some of his family members.

Alex Pissios and his family decided to sell off the franchise in 2021 to TPG Real Estate Partners for 1 billion dollars. TPG will come in with its management team and staff. It will keep the head offices in Chicago and expand to other areas.

Alex Pissios has achieved enormous success in the film industry throughout his career. Renowned television channels like NBC have used his studio to shoot their films. These shows include Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Fire. They have 33 stages, with 15 more under development on more than 60 acres. Alex has worked with successful producers like Chris Rock and Dick Wolf of “Law & Order.”

JB Pritzker, Illinois’ Governor, warmly welcomed TPG into the state and was thrilled about their expansion plans. Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, was impressed by the job opportunities that TPG’s expansion of the studios will create. The firm has also expressed interest in acquiring other entertainment firms like Univision, STX Entertainment, Vice and Creative artist Agency.

Sources reveal that Alex Pissios will still be associated with the company for six to twelve months for a smooth management transition. He has not publicly declared what he has planned for the future, but he will make announcements soon.