Alejandro Betancourt on Success Tactics Used at Hawkers

It is the responsibility of every entrepreneur to ensure that their startup is a success. However, they can sometimes stumble into challenges that lead to the failure of their businesses. These challenges can be avoided. Therefore, experienced entrepreneurs like Alejandro Betancourt provide an insight on how one can ensure that their company is a success. Alejandro has vast experience in management and marketing. He has been involved in various companies, including his investment group, O’Hara Administration.

Also, Alejandro Betancourt earned a president position at the Hawkers. This is a sunglass company that he took over its leadership in 2017 when he became the largest shareholder. He was one of the investors who contributed to the resurrection of the sunglass company when it faced financial problems. Alejandro Betancourt ensured that Hawkers was a success that he uses his story to encourage entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps.

One of the tactics that Alejandro Betancourt prioritizes is social media marketing. When he took over the sunglass company, Facebook was the biggest social media platform. Therefore, accessing many clients was easier. The company managed to get more than 6.6 million followers.

The idea was to identify brand ambassadors. They would take pictures wearing sunglasses. Also, these were people who had a passion for sunglasses. College students contributed to a larger share of the market. Therefore, he would look for college ambassadors and repay them with incentives like plane or movie tickets. Thus, social media platforms have proven to be an ideal selling point for most products, especially in this digital era.

Alejandro Betancourt also advises on flexibility among entrepreneurs. When something isn’t working, there isn’t a need to stick to it. There can be other opportunities waiting that can be explored. Even though the sunglass company relied on cheap and durable products to catch clients, they couldn’t make more profits to steer its growth. However, Alejandro was flexible enough to adopt other features that led to the development of the company. Refer to this page for additional information